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A.D.D. is an alternative marketing agency that uses non-traditional marketing strategies and techniques to communicate directly with consumer audiences.   We specialize in reaching consumers in both the online and offline worlds.   A.D.D. Marketing is most known for non-traditional marketing initiatives, such as lifestyle/retail/street marketing, mobile tour marketing, event marketing, PR stunts and college marketing.

Internship Description

A.D.D.’s Creative Department fulfills four basic functions within the company’s structure. Firstly, we exist as a stand-alone Creative Department, developing print campaigns, one off ads and collateral for companies like Astroglide, Nestle, Mazda and Pony. Secondly, the Creative Department supports all other departments of the company, such as Street, Online and it’s PM’s (Project Managers) through the inception and production of creative product ranging from merch, vehicle wraps, mobile billboards,...

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Summer Internship


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